Human resources
Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy
In line with the company's vision and mission, it is to prepare and develop human resource infrastructure necessary for the company to realize its goals and objectives by evaluating the human resources in the best way and to create an organization that learns, develops, creates and creates value by using modern management techniques.

Human Resources Strategies
To create Human Resources policies and practices that will contribute to reaching company targets,
With an efficient recruitment process, we aim to create employees with a high level of competitiveness, supportive to each level,
To implement a competitive and fair wage policy,
By supporting the success and continuous improvement of its employees with its goal-based management model, contributing to the main objectives of the company,
With efficient human resources planning, to increase competitive power, to train future leaders,
To increase the satisfaction, motivation and commitment of the company to its employees,
To identify the needs in line with company targets and to take necessary actions for career development plans,
To ensure that managers regularly monitor employee performance by creating a culture in which employees take responsibility for development and support open communication

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